Make 'em ups and thing-a-ma-goofs in Chicago, IL

iO Harold Teams -Dogs, Thunder Road, Big Dumb Sleepy Bears, and Interrobang

Sketch - Elston, Dys Funk Show Now, Our Future's History.

Gentleman's Falcon - 5 gentleman from the far reaches of the United States of America have band together to comedy the land.  Matt Barats, James Dugan, Drew Eiden, Michael Day Kauffman, and Henry Riggs are the Gentleman's Falcon.

The New Colony

Chicago, IL

Frat - A immersive, promenade style show that puts you right into the drama of new pledges to a fraternity.

That Sordid Little Story - A bluegrass musical following a boy who thinks a band is telling him how to get to his long lost father.

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Theatre 99

Charleston, SC

Hobo the Musical - A musical following a rang tag group of selfish homeless people who have to ban together in order to escape extermination by the new mayor. 

Maximum Brain Squad - Surrealist Hip Hop Sketch Comedy.

Ebony & Ivory - 2 Man Improv- One is a genius the other is insane.

Bear Trap - Pattern based improvisation based on sound and movement.

Cabaret Kiki - From the minds of The Brothers Bivins (from Jump, Little Children) - A monthly showcase for the best of Charleston Talent.

The Sofa Kings - The Southern Version of The Harold.

The Measled Knights - Sketch comedy. John Brennan, Matt Perry, and Henry Riggs. 

Affirmative Action Jackson - Part Improvised Talk Show, Part Sketch Comedy Show, AAJ is Thomas Dostry, Jason Groce, and Henry Riggs.

The Vampire Lesbians of Sodom - A play.